MAPBD is dedicated to  encourage the adoption of
    legislation that is in the best interest of pure bred
    dogs and your right to own a dog. We welcome
    both individual and organization members.

    However, we realize that many concerned and responsible
    dog owners to don't have the time in their busy schedules
    to join yet another organization and make the commitment
    to attend meetings.

    We understand that many dog Michigan dog owners live
    hundreds of miles away from our regular meeting site in
    Howell, Michigan. As a result, traveling to MAPBD
    Meetings is not practical.  

    Whether or not you are an MAPBD member we hope you
    will come back to our website regularly to keep abreast of
    all the latest legislative developments.  All information
    on the MAPBD website is free and we encourage
    you to pass it on to other concerned dog owners.
    Indeed, please feel free to contact MAPBD any time
    you have a concern about restrictive laws in your
    community, or if you have questions about pending
    legislation. We are here to help.

    MAPBD is a Michigan non-profit organization.
    MAPBD Members from around Michigan work continually
    to protect your right to own dogs.  

    MAPBD is not a charity.  Because MAPBD interacts
    directly with elected politicians, your donations to
    MAPBD are NOT tax deductible.  

    However, unlike the monolithic "animal rights" national
    lobbying groups that use your donations to help pay
    six-figure executive salaries, all MAPBD members work
    on a VOLUNTEER basis. Your donations are used
    directly to protect your right to own dogs - not salaries
    or fancy offices.

    We hope you will consider becoming a member of
    MAPBD.  If that is not possible, and you would like
    to donate to MAPBD, please contact either of the
    the MAPBD members below.  Thank you.

    James Irvine, Esq.
    10412 Northland Drive NE
    Rockford, MI  49341
    Phone: 616-866-0355